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Silicone carrier with carabiner clip

Silicone carrier with carabiner clip

Silicone carrier with carabiner clip

A Smart Way To Keep Your Stylish CrazyCap Bottle Handy with Silicon Water Bottle Carabiner Clip

Designed to give you the comfort you deserve, this water bottle carabiner clip is a must-to-have for you. This bottle carabiner clip attaches to CrazyCap portable water purifier makes it convenient to carry around.

We have manufactured this carabiner clip to make your outings more convenient and hassle-free. Very practical for climbing, traveling, fishing, hiking, outing, exploring, walking or other outdoor activities.

This silicon made water bottle carabiner clip is reliable and strong enough to use for years to come. It comes with a rubber stretch which needs to be pulled outward to hand your water bottle & other belongings.

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  • Touch Sensor

    On cap for Normal/Crazy sterilization modes

  • Deep UV

    Completely kills (not traps) microbes & pathogens

  • Photo-Cleaning

    Prevents germ growth inside bottle

  • Filterless

    Designed for zero

  • Portless

    Charger for finger
    safe, 360° seal

  • Insulated

    Bottle keeps drinks cold for 24/hrs & hot for 12/hrs

  • FDA Certification

    BPA-free materials

  • IPX7

    Waterproof + FCC, CE,
    Rohs certified

  • 304 Stainless

    Steel with
    17 oz. capacity

  • 3rd Party

    Laboratory tested
    and certified

  • Crystal Clear

    Product manual available  here

  • 5% to

    gives safe water & sanitation to 22 million people

5% of profit goes to - giving access to safe water & sanitation to 22 million people worldwide.

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