How It Works

1. Fill the portable water purifier

Fill the portable water purifier with a water from a questionable source. Note: Water needs to be free of debris and transparent to the deep UV light.

2.Tap the touchpad

Tap the touch sensor 2X times for Normal Mode sterilization (water from tap, public fountains, etc), 5X times for Crazy Mode Sterilization (water from lake, pond, etc). Note: Rest the finger completely covering the touchpad to ensure activation. For 2X and 5X tap gestures allow a slight delay (~0.5s) between the taps.

3.Drink confidently

Enjoy safe drinkable water anywhere with full confidence.

4.Recharge portable water purifier

CrazyCap 2 lasts up to 7 days on a single-charge. Portless charging ensures 360° water seal.

Science behind Portable Water Purifier

We have run meticulous laboratory tests to ensure our UV Light in our portable water purifier makes water from ANY source (free of debris) 100% safe to drink. See the full lab report here.

CrazyCap uses advanced 278nm deep UV LED to effectively sterilize water. See the charts above showing a significant reduction of bacteria in the contaminated water in both Normal and Crazy Mode Sterilization. The spectrum (260nm to 280nm) of light is found to have maximum disinfection capability.

Thanks to the recent development in LED technology, this special spectrum of light can now be produced without using toxic Mercury. When the Deep UV light enters the microbial cell, it destroys the active core (nucleic acids). Cells without the active core will no longer be viable.

Science behind portable water purifier
Science behind a portable water purifier