Make Your Own Bottled Water

The current consumption rate of single-use plastic is ONE MILLION bottles a minute. So let's "ditch bottled water for good!" Bottled water is not only expensive but hazardous to the environment. Start using CrazyCap portable water purifier and get access to safe drinkable water without having to use a single-use plastic bottle or spending a dime. View lab report.

Camping /Travel

Are you wondering if the water is safe to drink on your next trip to Mexico? Sterilize questionable water sources while you are traveling or hiking with a simple tap on the cap — no replaceable filters or cleaning the bottle required. CrazyCap portable water purifier does it all for you. View lab report.

Works on Any Surface

CrazyCap works on any surface you shine. It's powerful DUV light rays destroys harmful and disease-causing germs on your favorite gadgets. See the full laboratory test report on 10-inch iPad surface. Note: Higher sterilization effect can be achieved on smaller surface area devices (such as cell phone, AirPods, etc.)

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