Set Water Free™

For more than two centuries, clean water is bound to plastic. It’s time to let it go and see what water can do...

CrazyCap is now backed by a Lifetime warranty*

Safe Drinking Water in 60 Seconds

Purifies Any Source Water + Sterilizes Your Sport Bottles

Integrated Deep UV LED

Cap measures just 2" tall

Fits standard reusable bottles

7-day rechargeable USB battery

5% of profits donated to


Most Versatile Bottle

Live Germ Free


The Portable Water Well that
Fits in your Pocket

We believe clean drinking water is a right, not a privilege. That’s why CrazyCap puts potable water on tap for:

  • Fitness buffs
  • Backpackers/hikers
  • Global travelers
  • Families in developing countries

Our revolutionary Deep UV sterilization doesn’t filter microorganisms. It destroys them outright for the purest tasting water.


CrazyCap Bottle

Exploring the World? Drink it all in

No filters to replace. No batteries to lose.
Just a maintenance-free solution designed to perform.

What else can it do?

Yes, It Fits Your Favorite Bottle

We Designed

it to fit most 9, 12, 15, and 17 ounce cola-style bottles.

CrazyCap Pairs

beautifully with your favorite bottle. Already have one you love?

  • " Best Water Bottle 2020"

    CrazyCap Gen 2 produced the best taste and has the best suite of functions
  • " A must to keep in your car "

    The revolutionary CrazyCap makes water from any source safe to drink.
  • "GadgetFlow innovation award"

    It’s quick, easy, and automatic so you’ll never have to worry about undrinkable water again.

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