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Let’s end our dependence on single-use plastic for safe drinkable water and


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Water Purification + Self-Cleaning
Purified Water in 60 Seconds

This revolutionary new water bottle purifier is built-in with a deep UV LED sterilization technology in the cap. Instead of trapping micro-organisms like traditional filters, the deep UV light destroys them completely.

Put an End to Moldy Smelling Bottles.
Auto-sterilization works every four hours and prevents the growth of mold in the bottle. As a result, our bottles never smell moldy.

Works on Various Surfaces

Sterilize any surface by shining CrazyCap from two inches away to achieve sterilization up to 99.6%. Treatment time: 30 sq. Inch per minute.
Woman taking water using UV light water bottle

Deep UV sterilization

Does not use chemicals or any replaceable filters
Couple trekking with UV light water bottle

Designed to Perform

No replaceable filters. No more burdensome cleaning routines.
Why choose CrazyCap?
Purified Water, Anywhere!

Drinking tap water can be scary, especially when traveling to different cities and countries. And buying bottled water isn't only expensive, but it is hazardous to the environment. CrazyCap, a next generation portable water purifier that gives you purified water on the go, offers you a superior, germ-free alternative... making clean and healthy drinking water accessible to everyone.

Fits Your Favorite Bottle

You can use CrazyCap with our unique designed bottle, or if you prefer, you can use it with one of your own, because we've designed the the cap itself to be compatible with most 9, 12, 15, and 17-ounce cola-style. Some of the major compatible brands include MIRA, BonBon, Sportneer, Live Long Life, La Vida, S'well, S'ip by S'well, Manna, POP, Sunsella, Aorin, Inosu, Simple Modern, Chilly's, HoneyHolly, and many more.