Acclaimed, Award-Winning Technology

"This is the most genius innovation to help you cut down on water bottle waste and spending so much money on pricey bottled water"

"Drinking clean, safe water is critical for good health, but buying individual plastic bottles is harmful to the environment. Fortunately, new technology is available for water purification on the go"

Safe Drinking Water in 60 Seconds

Purifies Questionable Water + Sterilizes Your Bottle

Safe drinkable water on the go

Piece of mind

Time-less design

Sustainable living

5% of profits donated to


Most Versatile Bottle

Live Germ Free


The Portable Water Well that
Fits in your Pocket

We believe clean drinking water is a right, not a privilege. That’s why CrazyCap® puts potable water on tap for:

  • Fitness buffs
  • Athletes
  • Backpackers/Hikers
  • Global Travelers
  • Families in developing countries

Our revolutionary Deep UV sterilization technology doesn’t just filter microorganisms... It DESTROYS them for the purest drinking water!

CrazyCap® XL (25 oz)

CrazyCap® (17 oz)

Twist Life Open!

No filters to replace. No batteries to lose.
Just a maintenance-free solution designed to perform.

What else can it do?

Ditch the plastic for good!


almost all of the bottled water has micro plastics.

Drink Confidently

purified water wherever you go

CrazyCap Cares Campaign

We all have the ability to change the world for the better— and that is why we are launching the CrazyCap Cares Campaign! The CrazyCap Cares Campaign stems from the innate responsibility we feel to help save our deteriorating environment while sending a little positivity to others. Our team will be hosting a weekly giveaway, awarding each winner a CrazyCap Bottle and CrazyCap Handle!

We won’t lie and say this is purely beneficial for others and the environment— this act of generosity makes us feel good, too.

Our CrazyCap family believes that nowadays, folks need a little extra love— and the CrazyCap Cares Campaign is here to give it!