Clean Tasting Water at a delicious price.

Our tiny cap packs a healthy punch. An embedded UV-C LED kills waterborne bacteria and viruses by rupturing the proteins on the cell wall. In a matter of minutes, your tap water is free of germs and safe to drink.

Introducing: LYT

Fits your bottle. And wallet. Starting at just $19.99

LYT packs a 10mW UV-C LED into the most popular bottle cap size. It is designed to fit your favorite bottle, including S'Well, Mira, Simple Modern, and more. And with a proven 99.9% sterilization within 3 minutes, LYT is ideal for everyday use at the office, gym, and home.


Light. Attractive.
Portless Charging.

Our CrazyCap customers love the safety and convenience of portless charging. So we designed LYT with a similar system. And all-plastic construction makes it lighter, durable, and easy to carry.


Stainless Steel

Premium 304 vacuum-insulated stainless steel. Keeps contents cold for 12 hours, hot for 6 hrs.

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Tritan Plastic

  • √ Light weight and dent-resistant
  • √ Much lighter than steel or glass bottle
  • √ Reusable BPA-free plastic
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Our advanced 10mW 268 nm LED achieves sterilization levels of up to 99.9% in just 3 minutes.

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Lasts 20K+ Uses

Performs at peak speed for up to 20K+ uses, enabling you to sterilize >10K liters of water over its lifetime.

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100% Mercury-Free

Our UV-C LEDs do not contain toxic metals like mercury. Ideal for portable sterilization units.

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Make it yours
Personalize it for style or a gift.

Benefits at a Glance

  • √ 99.9% sterilization in 180 seconds
  • √ 20-second self-cleaning every hour
  • √ Lightweight, durable construction
  • √ Safe, portless charging
  • √ One year limited warranty
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