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Hydrate & Climb Harder

Have you ever been lowered down off a climbing route after trying hard and the first thing you want to do is guzzle water? Hydration is key to clim...

Can the UVC Light in Your CrazyCap Kill Coronavirus?

CrazyCap was developed with integrated UV light technology to sterilize water. As a recent article from the BBC explains, UV rays are proven to ki...

CrazyCap Helps Martine Rothblatt Cheer On Her Team Through Crisis!

  Dr. Rothblatt (Founder, CEO, and Chairwoman of United Therapeutics) wanted to show appreciation to UT's employees for their efforts in continui...

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  • The best water bottles in 2020 CrazyCap Gen 2:

    Best self-cleaning water bottle
    In another category of reusable water bottles that zap away dirt and pathogens, self-cleaning water bottles use UV-C light to decontaminate water. I tested three self-cleaning UV-C water bottles and the CrazyCap Gen 2 produced the best taste and has the best suite of functions: It has a normal purification mode for tap water and a "Crazy Mode" for freshwater; an autoclean function; and a slender design that makes it great for taking along in the car and slipping into bags.
  • CrazyCap, la tapa con luz ultravioleta que desinfecta y mantiene fría tu agua

    En los pasillos del Centro de Convenciones de Las Vegas nos topamos con decenas de nuevos productos como CrazyCap, una tapa con una luz ultravioleta C (UVC) incorporada que promete esterilizar tu botella de agua reutilizable y protegerte así de la proliferación de bacterias o moho en ambiente húmedo.
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    CrazyCap Portable Water Purifier
    A must to keep in your car, the revolutionary CrazyCap makes water from any source safe to drink. Unlike water filters that only trap microbes, deep UV kills them completely so you can stay hydrated wherever you are. Buy the reusable bottle or just the cap, which fits most other bottles, and 5% of your purchase will go to, giving that same precious access to safe water and sanitation to 22 million people worldwide.